Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Peter Jackson "I did not direct District 9"

Posted by Anghus

There's upsetting news coming from Peter Jackson's camp who revealed EXCLUSIVELY to #1FS that he, in fact, DID NOT DIRECT DISTRICT 9. Despite his name being all over the trailers and comercials, the film was not directed by Jackson. We discovered this after sending and email requesting an interview and received the following message.

"Peter Jackson did not direct District 9."

This is not the first time big-name directors have led fans astray with blatant lies. Who can forget Quentin Tarantino taking credit for Hostel and Hero. Wes Craven spent much of the 90's putting his name above the titles of films like Dracula 2000 that he DID NOT DIRECT.

What's even more amazing is the internet film sites overlooking this story. Obviously they are biased towards Jackson and refuse to print the truth.


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